Friday, May 18, 2012

Tutu Couture


Roksanda Ilicnic

House of Worth

Agent Provocateur
Ten of the fashion industry's top designers limbered up and sewed their trademarks into one off couture tutus for The English National Ballet's auction - Louboutin contributing a set of stiletto pointe shoes of course.

With only a few hours to see me out to the weekend and into a new job adventure next week, I'm doing a little happy dance of my very own. If you're wondering, I've been lucky enough to score a writing gig (finally!). Not only is it the one thing I've been wanting to pull up my sleeves and dive into, but it's happened in my home-town which I originally moved away from to pursue this career possibility. Anything is possible...

Have a wonderful weekend and welcome to my new bunch of followers I met this week! Thanks for the support ladies x


  1. I just wanna say that I ADORE your blog! You have an amazing style!

    I would be so happy if you could check out my blog!

  2. What beautiful images & incredible designs.

    Congratulations on your new job, that's so exciting!!

  3. hey cool new magazine style lay out! what a trip to see, your space looks amazing Maria. nice job!

    love the dancing ladies and their beautiful couture tutu's. wonderful news about your new gig too, congrats. way to follow your passion and have it meet you at the your world of bliss has a forever open door policy ; ) major blessings on this new phase, you are a tremendous writer!

    thanks for the supportive words you've left for me too, they mean so much. you're just the coolest! ♥

  4. What amazing photographs, very inspiring!!


  5. wow amazing photos <3 and thank you for the really nice comment, sweet words :)


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