Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Home is where the heart sings


That weekend away I told you about? It happened. In a bigger and better way than I could've imagined; packed to the rim with laughs, love and some special people I have in my life. I will continue to pinch myself for as long as they're around! If you've missed my earlier posts, the weekend getaway took me back to  Melbourne, the place I claimed home for the past 2 years. The beginning of 2012 saw me move back to my Adelaide family-home and when given the chance, I've been singing my bratty woes of missing Melbourne town's vibe and tribe of cultured creatures. This weekend, though, ripped every one of those spoilt-kid-thoughts to shreds and placed a new found appreciation and realisation. Melbourne's beautiful buzz and cafe lined nooks aren't rating on my importance radar. It's the family, the people that my heart sings for. It's these people that inject our own corner in this world with matter where that may be.


On a note of all things warm and fuzzy, my sticky beak was drawn to Vanessa Partridge's Melbourne home and its cosy appeal. This pretty, weatherboard home comes with all the trimmings and charm - the commanding presence of a deer head included. Since it ticks all my interior design boxes, I'm considering taking up residence.  On a day like today, in reflection-mode and all, I can picture myself huddled amongst those cushions and art-dressed walls. Take a snoop.


  1. These photos are beautiful. I love the title of the post, too.

    Amanda Rose


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