Thursday, December 8, 2011

Well, tra la la

Another one bites the dust! Twenty-eleven is drawing to its grand finale in just a few weeks time. Last December I wrote (to my future self) according to Future Me's instruction and came up with this Resolution Free letter as a light hearted take on "resolution" setting. Entertaining as it may have been, what I didn't expect was that a few words tapped onto a blog would roll out to fill a bumper 12 months! So in response to that letter I say...

2011, you packed in these fantastic count-them-on-one-hand-kinda-friends, moments of gut-aching laughter, of tears and of 'what-the-fritz-am-i-doing'. There were lessons learned, courage gained, patience tested, a reassured faith in all things good, and a beautiful, loving and endlessly supportive family. You saw me greet a $0 bank account and then score a fabbo career opportunity after a year of playing job-hop-scotch, so "hurrah" to that. You relocated me to a new abode and saw me conquer IKEA instructions. You saw me cha-cha my merry way through the year, witnessed a couple of hair styles plus the sign off of a gym membership to boot - i found the exit from lazy-couch-bum-hibernation! You've seen me kick off my days with green tea in an attempt to stomp the caffeine addiction down and witnessed me eat my way through Melbourne's most wanted breakfasts in town with equally devoted breakfastees.

2011, you tested me. At times I could've kicked the day-light outta ya,  but we know I love a challenge and OoH how I've loved this challenge!

Ta for the fun and memories, and for the beautiful start you've offered for 2012. All the trials, tests and challenges (met!) of 2011 have laid a solid foundation for what is set to be an incredible year and beyond. With new possibilities, priorities, beautiful friendships, family and a man whose got this girl for keeps, I'm already perching myself up on cloud 9.

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