Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Le clean, le lean

It's time. This time a full blown commitment (long / life term) is the goal. Able to enjoy good, fresh, clean food whilst bringing in the waist line and not feeling deprived is the numero uno aim. So (my) day 1.5 of ye Clean and Lean is well underway. I must admit, my past attempts of James Duigan's Clean and Lean eating plan have seen less than glowing results - having Elle as the example of his miracle works wasn't all that great for the confidence boost. However, James' latest project has seen him stamp his seal of success on the transformed Queen of Cupcakes' curves, Nigella Lawson.  You heard! Now that's inspiration...and believable! When someone can take that volumptuous derriere and transform it to the unimaginable, I don't know how much more proof one could want to know that James' method really works! Here goes...

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