Monday, November 14, 2011



Hobba is the project from the team behind Malvern's Williams Espresso. With Coffee guru Gerrick Numan, head chef Josh Powell, whose got stints at Vue de Monde, Circa and famed UK eatery Fat Duck under his belt, it's pretty easy to see Hobba is already a few leaps ahead of the pack. This converted garage, understated, under-designed escape into the world of (new) cafe cool will have you needing more. Hands down, this is without doubt the best Breakfast (even deserves a capital B) I have experienced here in Melbourne (if you know one thing, you'll know I'm serious about breakfast). Seems there are a few people who'd prepared to wait. Line-ups extend out the door and down the road!

My Sunday 13 Nov 9.30am hit its high with a serve of 62.5c egg (egg poached to a translucent white and buttery yolk, as promised), asparagus, myrtleford butter poached salmon, goat’s cheese, pickled celery, apple, peas $21.

Ehhm..shall I add it's 'round the corner from my abode! Yep.

428 malvern road, prahran
p: 03 9510 8336
hours: 7 days. 7am to 5pm

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