Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Design file

Living in a tree-house via my bedroom window...
I mentioned I moved, right? The specs are: I took a hop skip and a JUMP into an apartment directly opposite my previous rental/tiny/studio/box to a gorgeous art-deco one bedroom DREAM. More to be posted on this (pics too)...for now, just trust me when I carry on about how amazing this thing is. On the top floor of a two-storey building housing 6 of us, I get to wake up every day and look right amongst the lush green tree tops that filter the morning sun's rays. Beautiful. Every morning, I take a second and think I'm living in a's picture perfect. Then my alarm rings from snooze and reality sets in to get me out of dreamworld and into work mode...
As I'm slowly making this gorgeous deco space my own, I'm on the hunt in every possible direction for inspiration from those who've done the same.  This Melbourne home is where I'm drawing a tonne of inspiration from at the moment. Melbourne designer Lucy Glad-Wright has done it all right...I can hear you agreeing with me!


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