Sunday, November 7, 2010

same same.but different

Some months ago, Ladro of Gertrude St (Fitzroy) opened its ovens of love to its second home on Greville St (Prahran). Two weeks after its door-opening date, I entered. Five or so months down the track, I should be earning commission. I'm a sucker for its aesthetic appeal and the little details from toilet roll holder to light fittings - the food aint so bad either! So good, in fact, that you Must book as you'll soon find out their waiting list becomes a booking frenzy.

Some of my favourite noshings:
To start: Fried anchovies (if you like these fuzzy friends), selection of cured meats (see our snap shots from recent lunch), and don't pass on the freshly baked bread!
Filling up: Think Ladro, Think Pizza! Do order one. Yes, the novelty of DIY pizza cutting can wear thin, but their oven baked base is top notch. A little pesce set my tune to 'satisfaction' too.
Sipping up: No expert on the imported grape, I faithfully abide by whatever is recommended by the army of red-shirted wait staff. So far so good.
Ending on a high: say si to the bomboloni. Fried dough-ball babies with homemade ice cream. What calories?

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