Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Putman Style

Putman's signature monochrome graphics for the Morgans Hotel in NY, 1983
The 'Crescent Moon' sofa from her collection, Preparation meublee, launched 2003

A former pianist, Putman designed the 'Voie Lactee' piano for French brand Pleyel in 2008

Private apartment in San Sebastian, Spain 2005
images wallpaper* magazine

Coining the concept of the "boutique hotel," revamping the Concord, giving Jean-Paul Gaultier's career a helpful nudge-along, and designing Lagerfeld's boutique reads as a pretty impressive start to one's CV. At 60 years of age, when most retire to a rose garden and day-time TV, this Parisian was stamping her signature monochrome graphics in her redesign of New York's Morgans Hotel. Deemed as "Above taste," just glazes her cherry-topped cake! The Grande Dame of French design responsible for bringing us aspiring guns to a diffident heap is Mme. Andree Putman.

Lately I've been pulling out the old greats of the black-and-white days to admire some talent untouched by the digital wand. Without sounding like I'm channeling my inner fuddy dud, I do respect up-and-comers. I just can't shake the pull of these stars of the day. 85 year old Putman included - her day still burning strong. Sharing her love of piano, design, and a chic bob, I've decided it's time I purchase the correct shoe size to fit her footsteps.


  1. Wow...she definitely has some interesting designs happening!

  2. I like the 4th space, so serene.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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