Sunday, October 31, 2010

hold me tighter

Naturally, when an assignment must be done, every other possible thought scrambles for my attention. Tonight, I spend some moments (try the majority of these early morning hours) in contemplation over those little things in life we cherish oh-so-much. Looking around, I'm seeing us all scurry like mad women (or men) in our daily rat-raced lives, nudged easily in the direction of neglect for these things/people/'living-the-moment' moments, and shelve their once precious place. All this has come over me by glancing at my little garden posy sitting tight and pretty, bright with life and full of trust in my daily care. Forget to quench its thirst, though, and you'll be deathly silence! Same goes with the human kind. Family, friends, whoever. Fail to nurture your friendships and protect that love, you'll be sure to get the kick up your rear you've been asking for.
So...Hold those precious, good things tight! Love your family out loud. Hug your friends with heart. Live 'that' moment with every bit of appreciation and satisfaction you've got!


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