Friday, September 13, 2013


It's about time for some link love, wouldn't you say? 

1. Good gold! Vale Jewelry stacking rings.
2. Russell Brand opens his gob on the truth about Hugo Boss and gets booted from the GQ awards.
3. I've been all Man Repeller and stuff, this week. You'll be hooked, if not already.
4. A lady, a siren and tomboy walk into a bar...then they get a drink and discuss NYFW day 5 & 6.

Hey, so the weekends here! Make good plans, stick to them and get some smiles into your hours.
Not that you asked, but I've set myself up for a pretty sweet weekend:
1. Much missed hugs from my guy - he's been away this week and it's driven me to giddiness for when I fix my eyes on him next!
2. The obvious stuff like ballet training...counting down to the final exam of the year. It's kind of a biggie.
3. Coffee and organic goodies with one of the sweetest girls I have by my side. 

Thanks for the blog love.
Maria x

1 comment:

  1. You always find the cutest - and most inpiring - things, Maria! I'm practically dying over that LifeSavers poster. I grew up with the candy but they've become increasingly hard to find over the years... seeing that ad brought back some wonderfully sweet memories (no pun intended!)


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