Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Whole30 Wednesdays

Welcome to day 2, for those on board the Whole30 challenge (with me). Every Wednesday for the next 30 days I'll be posting my tips and tricks for getting through this lifestyle change. I know (you're rolling your eyes) there are plenty of bloggers talking about Whole30 but I'm writing for those of us with less time on our hands for food prep.

My on-the-go grilled venison back-strap and Chinese cabbage.
Thanks to my past Whole30 experience, I've fine tuned Whole30 eating for us time-poor folk who require maximum nutrients for high energy output. My meals may get straight to the point (see the grilled venison and cabbage above) but I know how to pull together enough to sustain me through a day's work and 2-3 solid hours of ballet every night (and once home, focus my mind on my piano diploma). If you like the sound of getting through 15 hours straight with physical and mental energy to burn, read on.

Getting in the swing of Whole30 eating isn't as tricky as it seems. Here are my tips to make it through week one for the time-poor.

  1. You'll be buying more from the fruit and veg store. Apples and blueberries became my pals. Try and buy organic where you can; the produce has a bigger flavour punch and keeps you satisfied (not to mention the "it's better for you" thing).
  2. Lettuce cups with tuna (or whatever you prefer) and fresh herbs will change your life. Literally rip some lettuce and herb leaves (shove them in a zip lock bag), grab a can of tuna and you're set.
  3. Eggs. Stock up on them, boil them and have them ready to go! These babies are the easiest options for lunch on the run.
  4. Banana and a handful of nuts - this option can be a brekkysaver (think driving to work).
  5. Steak. Buy and freeze individually. Every few days you'll need one! Simply cooked in coconut oil (or an oil-free pan), drizzled with lemon/lime juice and sprinkled with seasoning is the way to go.
  6. Coconut oil. Good for you in so many ways, this is also the thing to use for a little oil in your cooking. My girlfriend gave me the tip of adding a teaspoon in my tea (any tea) or coffee. It's delicious!
  7. Look forward to the weekend (this is when you might have more cooking time). Breakfast becomes my "treat" - I can't wait to get into omelette packed with mushrooms and truffle. Yum.
  8. A Whole30 grocery list and my pinterest board for inspiration.
The biggest tip for day 2:
Today is the worst you'll feel (drink a pot of herbal tea to drown your sorrows). You're realising there will be no sweet-treating through 3pm but you'll get through it (and the headaches), and once you do there will be no looking back! I promise.

salmon for dinner? via
This blog has a heap of Whole30 certified recipe inspiration for brekky, lunch and dinner.

p.s. The first time I tackled whole30 I took weekends off! I still noticed results and felt it was much more manageable. If you want to try this version, enjoy a latte or something on the "no" list. See how you go. The interesting thing is, you may no longer crave it come the weekend.

Fine print: these are just my tips on tackling the challenge. I'm no nutritionist, I just know what works for me. I hope it's useful and helpful for you too. If not, please ignore.


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  2. I am unbelievably impressed at your dedication and motivation- it's very inspiring Maria. I would love to try it out, when my life gets back to some regular routine and I return to work. Thank you for your tips however, super stuff. Hazel x

  3. This is pretty great! I have never heard of whole30! Thanks for the great tips!


  4. So curious about coconut oil now. You can have it in tea? Will google it now!

    1. my friend got me onto it!! It's pretty yummy. I have the virgin coconut oil which is stronger in smell and lighter in taste. Apparently that's a good thing as the coconut hasn't been put through much heat. Anyway, my friend uses it in coffee too. be prepared for the oily 'look' though at the surface of the tea. :)

  5. i loooove the lettuce cups idea so much! with some tomatos and lemon. yummmm!!! i've been so bad at whole30 lately....need to get back on board :( :( :(


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