Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Boost me!

It's been all a bit too much "humph" for me this past week. You know the times when you've driven yourself into the ground by tackling maybe a touch too much? That's me. Problem is, I'm struggling to get out of it. I've tried coffee, sleep, herbal tea, putting my feet up, getting my heart rate up, painting to Bach, playing through some Bach pieces, hot showers, fresh foods, soothing soups and a lot more coffee...nothing is working.

What's your tonic for re-loading your step with a spring and getting that glint in your eye again?

Maria xo

P.s. Through my Whole30 challenge, I was the total opposite. It's interesting to realise that the introduction of more toxins and non-Whole30 foods may have a huge part to play to the crash and burn of my energy and mood.


  1. Hmmmm... if you're linking the crash and burn of your mood to the end of Whole30, then perhaps my recommendation won't help, but I was planning to suggest pastry. I've never had a problem that a croissant or a tart couldn't fix ;) When I'm not feeling like myself, it's generally because I'm not eating enough - I'm one of those people who gets wrapped up in doing too many things and realises it's 4pm and I haven't had lunch yet :P Hope you get the spring back in your step soon!

    1. haha!! thanks Cee ;) I have to say, a sweet treat was just perfect over the weekend. It's back on the mon-fri whole30 eating for me this month. I think it works wonders for me.xx

  2. Exactly how I'm feeling right now... I'm have an overwhelming urge to just go to bed!

    1. this morning especially...
      back to whole30 clean living for me. you should give it a go (mon to fri only...weekends are too much). ?? :)


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