Monday, April 29, 2013

What I wore // the things I did

"I should stop talking," is what this photo tells me...
I don't usually do the "what I wore" kinda post, but this time I was a little inspired (and unprepared) after coming across a run down white wall. My outfit is nothing groundbreaking (I know), but it was the perfect addition to a slow-paced public holiday (and that white-wall canvas I fell in love with).

The day was as good as they get. My morning hours were spent brunching over strong coffee followed by the sweetest walk through autumn leaf-lined streets. Yeah, there was some penny-spending (again...ehm) that took place at this store I told you about in this post (also where I got my buttery soft leather!). The best bit was when these threads took me through to the evening hours. My boy and I got the chance to break our commitments and escape to the basics - good food, good laughs and red wine at a tucked away bar in the Adelaide Hills.

The only threads to stand up to all that relaxation and sudden inspiration was my silky soft leather teamed with comfortable navy stripes. What's your outfit option for a day of relaxing walks, laughs and good food?



  1. My outfit is always my black knee length skirt and then a t-shirt if it is going to be a casual day. A black skirt is one of my essential clothing items.

  2. I love your scarf... and you made it! Cool!

  3. yes that wall is the perfect outfit back drop!


  4. beautiful scarf :)

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