Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Back to it

We just spent one magical weekend away in Melbourne with my boy's extended family; totally (almost) out of site from work responsibilities and able to enjoy some rare and special moments together, celebrating in song, with laughter, and of course good, rich and unnecessarily sweet food! I've possibly indulged too much in the stuff and ignited a pretty serious craving issue; one that I've given in to over the past tail-chasing-month of mine. Now that the Easter eggs are gone, time has come for me to kick off the sweet treats and quick-fix energy boosters (too much caffeine) and switch back to my cleaner, leaner eating habits. Remember my "salad a day" post?

Salads aside, I have come back from the weekend with a few exciting baking recipes to trial. Looking forward to sharing them with you soon...

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  1. Happy belated Easter, Maria! It sounds like you spent a lovely weekend celebrating with your boy's family... and don't worry about all of the Easter eggs, because after all, they're only around once a year :)
    PS: I love the new design of your blog, it looks gorgeous!


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