Tuesday, April 9, 2013

La vie en rose #2

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I often wonder why exactly I'm blogging. I can never pin down one convincing reason but it's something (a habit?) I can't yet kick...but what a beautiful thing to have! To be able to collect thoughts, inspiration and memories and look back on what filled my days in time to come.

Today marks my second "la vie en rose" post; all about a little acknowledgment for the simplest, rosiest things in life.

1. I'm not a messy type. Promise, but when my car looks like this, with a week's worth of life on the
passenger floor, I know it's been a good one!
2. A fresh breath of cello-tuned-air! Literally.
I walked past the most beautiful notes singing from a cellist's front door.
3. Getting organised. Even just a little.
4. I've become so busy I'm "bad with my phone." Hurrah!
Loving that the glue has peeled a tad between my cheek and phone.
5.  No nail polish on my digits.
6. Friends. Really, really good ones!
7. I baked that cheesecake and it was D-elicious.
8. I know, I say it a lot. But. A smile and hug (with no words) from my
boy centres me and injects the calm back into my whirlwind days.
9. Coffee. With my mum.
10. Autumn sun with a chill in the air.

Have you stopped to smell the roses recently?


  1. Lovely post Maria ... full of simple rosey things ... have a lovely week ... Bee xx

  2. I'm so happy that autumn is in the air too!


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