Wednesday, March 27, 2013

La vie en rose

Words to take a Wednesday by. Not bad, huh. It's pretty special to know that with all our gold stars, flaws and crappy hair-days, someone loves us "just the way we are".

La vie en rose is something new I'm bringing to this blog (currently with an identity issue - shade of whim was the original name, his girl with a blog is what I'm preferring these days...). I'll be posting every so often about the little things that make my days sing, the things I'm grateful for, under "La vie en rose". Hope you enjoy reading. Today's la vie en rose goes something like this:

1. The sore toes I have from putting my pointe shoes on 6 days a week.
2. Getting to design my way through my days. Love my job.
3. My mum sure knows her girl. The best colour addition to my wardrobe was the orange rubber timepiece she surprised me with.
4. Looking through the treetops toward a bright, sunlit, blue sky.
5. A soul-soothing-hug from my boy.
6. Autumn fruits.
7. Hearing the rain drops while I work.
What's made you smile lately?


  1. Hugs from little ones are the best. I'm going home tomorrow so right now that consumes me and is making me sooooo happy!

    1. that sounds like an ideal weekend! enjoy!
      I realise I've never been very clear with the "boy" statement - I mean my partner. I'm yet to have little ones :)


Thank you for taking the time to read these words and leaving some of your own behind.x


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