Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday's finds

What a bumper of a week that was! Before we get into another 2 days of weekend fun, here are my few links I've saved for Friday's finds....

1. Recipe of the week: New-York style cheesecake. I've been searching for what looks like a traditional cheesecake recipe and I think I've found it. Admittedly, I'm yet to trial this one...but it looks the part!

2. DIY: if you have some spare time this weekend, get yourself paper mache-ing these beautiful gold, polka dot bowls.

3. The over-sized 'it' bag is over and making way for the lady-like purse. Considering my recent almost-too-big-to-be-practical leather tote buy, I'm keeping my hands over my ears and singing "laaa's" to block out the (bad) news.


  1. Let me know how the cheesecake turns out!

    Amanda Rose

  2. hi Maria! thanks for the visit lades, i always adore reading your incredibly thoughtful comments :)

    i've been below blog radar lately too, totally understand but have to say the latest design evolution of your space is gorgeous. very clean and i adore the minty green - such a beautiful presentation all around!!

    how cute are those bowls! i definitely got inspired to do something similar! and a monster bag is just the ticket for all i need to carry around - my ears are covered right along with you. love my enormous totes, just like Mary Poppins did. baha! cheers to a stellar new week ahead. ♥

  3. That recipe sounds really good!


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