Friday, March 8, 2013

It means no worries...


It's Friday and I have no finds! I've been caught up in a whirl of happenings and neglected my Friday Finds. Good thing I came by this beauty of word art! Doesn't it put a spring in your step? Perfect way to kick off the weekend!

It's a long weekend in my neck of the woods and I'm making sure it's going to be filled with all the wonderful stuff: relaxation, beach walks, time with my boy and I feel a cake-baking-session coming on. Whatever you choose to do, have a good one xo


  1. This picture is too cute! I was just thinking about The Lion King the other day - Timon and Pumbaa and their carefree philosophy were always my favourite part of the movie, but it's a bit of a challenge for me to apply it to my own life. Thanks for the reminder, miss :) Hope all is well where you are and you enjoyed your long weekend!

  2. Thank you. I've had a song stuck in my head (there she was walking down the street singing doo a diddy dum diddy doo). Now I can replace it with this cute song and visualise the warthog (?) who sang it! Loved this movie, I think it will be the next childhood movie to watch again.


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