Monday, July 2, 2012

Winter warmer a la Francaise

Thanks to a (my) wise move in subscribing to Gourmet Traveller's (GT) monthly editions, I'm on the receiving end of 12 months worth of well-edited, seasonal focused recipe mags. Ok, admitedly I arranged the subscription for my dad's Christams pressie but I'll still reserve the back-pats for a good idea! GT's July edition didn't fail to meet expectations either. Smack bang in the high of winter, GT served up the goods and threw a few Frenchie treats our way. My pick of the lot was a hearty, spruced up plate of peas. Yes, the dish of petits pois a la Francaise is said to be a "side" but if, like me, you love your greens just as much I recommend switching this into a broth-ier, soup-ier style feast to hit the spot. On a side note, if you've been the one pushing your peas to the side of your plate all your life, I'm a strong believer that this will convert you.
 Images all via my trusty iPad snaps of Australian Gourmet Traveller July 2012.


  1. I love food mags! Yum!

    Amanda Rose

  2. there is nothing better than a good food magazine...I love ripping pages out and plastering them on my fridge for future dinners! :-) I will say that the HUGE factor in a good food magazine is great photos and this one looks like it has great ones! Thanks for the recommendation!

    Come on over and follow along my colorful blog...I think you'd really like it (but maybe I'm a little bias?! haha)


  3. gosh, i haven't had an actual subscription to a magazine in a few years now; i guess between the day to day and internet pathways it's fallen by the wayside and that's kinda sad. i used to love seeing them arrive in the mailbox and your mag choice is brill! lawd knows we could never tire of more cooking recipes :) have fun reading and re-reading them as they arrive! ♥

  4. Food mag subscriptions are dangerous indeed:) I subscribe to a Cooking Light one, but my mom subscribes to a Gourmet Traveller one like this - if not the same one and oh my does it showcase some of the most delicious recipes I've ever seen! I don't think magazines like this ever get old and you can never have too many either. xx Marisa

  5. Thanks for visiting and saying hi!
    Happy to find your blog. Just spent half an hour with your posts while in my tea break :)


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