Friday, July 27, 2012

Blog Love

The lovely Amanda Rose from this wonderfully fun blog recently passed on on a sparkly Versatile Blogger Award to me! News of the prize saw me blush like mad at the thought that people actually read my blog. Thanks goes to Miss Amanda for thinking of me!

Now that I've had my moment centre stage, the deal is that I share 7 facts about myself and pass the spotlight over to the blogs that see me going back for more. As I wrote something similar a little while back, I'll try not to double up too much...

Tom Gunn Melbourne. Sorry for the iphone quality.

1. I'm smiling when it rains these days and the stuff has been coming down in bucket loads. You'd think a pair of puddle-stomping boots would be an appropriate purchase, right? This weeks purchase of choice went more along the lines of derby style Tom Gunn can't stomp puddles but they're equally fab! More to come about my new kicks...

2. I live with big dreams by my side. Daily.

3. I won't drag my heels at snail-pace, I don't like to jog and I can bake.

4. I have cat-like-landing abilities. There is this fab crowd of peeps in my life that provide all the cotton wool I could want to land firmly and safely on my feet, no matter what life throws (or I create). In other words, I pinch myself when I think of the outrageously talented, creative, inspiring and loving bunch of people I have in my life. If I could wrap them up and keep them in my pocket to take through every step in my days, I would!

5.  The highlight of the week gone by would (by far) be my time spent back in Melbourne and the gorgeous people I was surrounded by.  As much as I do miss calling the town home, I'm grounded when my plane lands in little Adelaide to have my boy pick me up with open arms. Speaking of the boy, I can't avoid mentioning the countdown to our icey-cold Tasmanian getaway (kicking off in just a few days) adding the cherry to my already sweet days.

6. I'm a twin. I've said this before so I'm sorry to repeat, but he's worth the mention in these 7 little facts. He's the other half that balances my dreamy self. I'll often say we're a classic chalk-and-cheese comparison. It's not entirely the case. As we grow older, I'm noticing more and more that we're gravitating to some kind of common-mode. Although I'll still be the one spinning around centre stage or painting away on canvas while he plans his next strategically crafted business venture, there's some shatter-resistant 'twin thing' that keeps us somehow, without realising, the same. In a different kind of way...

7. I'm as passionate as ever about everyone in my life and everything I put  in my life.

...and now for the blog roll. With a growing bunch of sites that I visit on a daily basis, it's a hard task to pick just a few, but here goes. The list of 7 blogs topping my list of faves at the moment are:

I will never tire of checking back to Hearted Girl; frankieheartsfashion is flooded with inspiration; Cee from cocoandvera was one of the first I followed and will always sing a Hurrah for; Village blog is still topping my favourites for the beautiful photography it's filled with; A Girl in Transit has quite possible the cutest photos filling her posts; not to mention the fun filling A is for love; last but not least, Adailysomething is a must-check-out!


  1. Congratulations! Of course we reading your Blog, Im reading it! ;)

  2. Hey there you! Of course people are reading your blog! I've been awol for a while but inching my way back in. What a great post! I love that you live with big dreams by your side - that is heaven on earth I am thinking.
    Hope to be catching up a little more these days :)

  3. you are too sweet...Thank you so much! xoxo

  4. Thanks again... this made me blush too!!! Your awesome =)

    - Sarah

  5. thanks SO much Maria, i'm uber late with this message of appreciation but the sentiment remains drenched in goodness wishes for you! lovin' the CLL abilities girl, that's some kinda mad skills!!! congrats on this wonderful award, it's most deserved. xo ♥


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