Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kickin' goals and pointing toes

Last week saw me climb the heights of my top wardrobe for the search and reunion with my ballet bag. Yup, after roughly 8-plus years since thinking I'd tied these ribbons up for good, I took the step (nervously) back into my ballet shoes. In all my late-teen-wisdom, right before my final exam, I decided that I'd give up the good thing. It's been a long time coming but I've finally made the return to the floor to get this one last ballet exam done with.

Holding my own hand, there I was trying to settle these nerves that had just about suffocated me with anticipation for what class would present; the biggest fear was to be let down by my body’s failing attempts at translating what my brain knows it can do. Surprisingly, it wasnt all bad. You know what? Tackling fear never felt so good! Limbered up and a few plies later, those nerves I was talking about made a quick stage-right exit. Being back in a black floored, black walled, barre-lined space saw that sneaky, all consuming wave of artistic freedom sweep fiercely through my veins. I'll hold back from rambling, but I can't help sharing (quickly) the beauty in 'that thing' that exists for each one of us; if we all look hard enough, we can find a little something in our days that makes us tick with the power to burn a low wattage way up high! For me, 'that thing' has everything to do with the discipline in manipulating my own body to a perfect turn-out, a satisfaction in proudly stumbling my aching, bruised feet off the floor and digging deeper into stretching out my ability.

Righto...with that rambling over with, I'm off, butterfly-filled-tummy, pointed toes and all to wish everyone a great mid weeker.

iphone instagram edit of our rehearsal (see below)

P.s. It must have been the week for artistically wondrous happenings. My girlfriend (aka super talented flute lady) made her way to stand by my piano as we went back to our roots and re-introduced our lives to a love of the classical kind. Together, we've clocked up some years of serious music studies, travelling to Europe together with the stuff and all. Giving life to our instruments again left us in a state of ridiculously giddy, girlie excitement wrapped loosely within a sense of absolute soul-satisfying calm. Lot's more fun to be had. Hope you're all giving life to and enjoying your very own little soul-ticker, whatever it may be!


  1. This is gorgeous. I played piano for 8 years and quit when I was about 13. I miss it so badly and wish I could go back and spend time on working on something I truly love but am scared to fail at. This was an inspiring post. Thank You.

    Amanda Rose

  2. that photo of the girl getting "split" makes me wish i was more flexible. i don't think i'm even able to touch my head to my thigh anymore, the shame!! good for you on returning to dance again Maria, that's a big step (literally) and i'm sure you'll feel it all coming back to you more and more as time moves on. the 1st motions always the most challenging but you've done it and should feel awesomely proud :)

    finding "that thing" once is hard enough but now you've done it twice, good for you!! bravo. ♥

  3. I'm glad you had more luck than I did. I tried to go back to ballet a couple of years ago. I went to that school in Norwood where we used to do our exams. It seems I've aged about 30 years in the last 10. I thought I was gonna die!!! (never went back) :(


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