Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Picture perfect

Images via rodneysmith.com
"People use the terminology 'He's a commercial photographer, he's a fine art photographer, he's a landscape photographer.' I think it's hard enough just to be a photographer. I think that in using the term 'photographer' one should be very careful about what that really means. I grew up in a tradition where being a photographer was a very noble pursuit. You pursued it for the love and the passion, and doing it was a very difficult thing to do. There are thousands and thousands of people who take photographs, but very few photographers, because one has to have an eye, one has to have the vision, one has to have something to say."

- Rodney Smith
As I power through these job-search hurdles my brain power and willingness to sit and write is fading. Job hunting really takes it out of you! With the hope that it will end in a big, bold success soon, I'm taking the pressure off tapping away at my key board and enjoying looking in the direction of every pretty picture around. Photographer Rodney Smith caught my eye with these images...

More to see here.


  1. These photos are fabulous, but I love the quote even more. Rodney Smith is absolutely right; you have to be careful about putting labels on things, especially yourself. I studied writing in university, but that doesn't make me a writer. The definition of something like that has nothing to do with the action, and everything to do with results. Wonderful post! Good luck with your job hunt!

  2. I can't believe these are all by the same guy - they are so different. The top one is magnificent.

  3. Really pretty pictures! xxx


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