Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday's Frock

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Lady Gaga? Wrong. Well, sort of. Anna Dello Russo prepped herself for the masquerade ball celebrating Vogue Paris' 90th Anniversary last September, Twentyten. What does a fashionista wear, you ask? Less predictable and much, much more Pucci! Glammed in her custom Pucci gown and white lace mask, she grabbed a Gaga inspired moment to top her white locks (wig) with a Gareth Pugh feather creation. Happy Frockday!


  1. I watched a video on her once, she has such interesting clothing options in her closet!

  2. hey, thank you for your nice comment! Lovely blog!!!

  3. Uhh. How lovely. Looks so venetian.

    Hope you'll pass to mine too.

  4. Only Anna Dello Russo would try something like this... and only she could pull it off with such flair. Just lovely. Thanks for sharing this :)

  5. Thank you for the message -- it has been just a horrid week in Brisbane for some people! Dan and I are very lucky as we live on a hill.

    We are fortunate that our wedding is at the end of May! Our reception venue is knee-deep in mud at the moment!

    Hope all is well in Melbourne with weather etc! xo


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