Sunday, October 31, 2010

wrapped around them bread sticks

Giuseppe Arnaldo & Sons, it may appear, have me well and truly wrapped around them bread sticks. A saviour to a 'too-late-to-book' Saturday dinner, G & Sons wins hands down. As a great introduction to Melbourne's foodie fun for my inter-state visitors I'm coming back again and again, bringing All to be treated. Every time, we leave plastering a huge success on G's door. Think mamma's kitchen (covering all bases from salad to lambs brains) meets visual design awards. Layers of colour splash fill this floor-to-ceiling mosaiced haven, hand written letters posted throughout, meats hung centre stage, and waiters scrambling in white lab coats to seat Pappa Giuseppe's guests (numbers don't appear to dwindle).

Visiting from Adelaide this weekend was my favourite girlie for her 25th Birthday bash. Not having booked ourselves a dinner date, we ventured over to trusty Giuseppe. Consuming our hour and a half of waiting time by drinking some variation of Sangria and eating those precious Arancini balls with oil dipped bread, we proceeded onto main course of an unwise choice of more carbs. As yummy and authentic as the serves were, we could barely scrape through half of our pasta. The stamp of success, you ask? As we waddled ourselves out, there it was, slammed proudly by my latest converted Giuseppe fan (see our note of love above).
images taken by me

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