Friday, October 29, 2010

inspired interruption

"you've got the world on a string play on play on"

Wise words from the KOKO peeps.

Catching me mid power-walked stride was this quoted card looking at me in that [walk right back here, Girl!] tone and belting out its words of order, knowing they would sing true to my world at this point in time. Frowned confusion came over the botoxed noggins of the two Toorakers* walking past, wondering what my urgent and obvious fascination was with the shop window. I get it, as pretty as the beauty salon's window is, it does look strange whipping my phone into camera mode to snap a happy card stand. "Play on ladies," i said in smirk. With all but nothing to lose in my attempts at job search success, i stumble back into my interrupted calorie crunching regime and choose nothing other than to carry on playing on.

A little poke of joy came with finding this suited image thanks to

*Toorakers: female inhabitants of Toorak village often found roaming in groups of 3 or more with fixed expression, prada in hand, and patent boots. Most likely to respond to 'Elaine' 'Elizabeth' or 'Rose.'

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