Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Whole30 Wednesdays

That's right. I'm a Whole 30 kid again (for the 3rd time). As I work through the next 30 days of clean eating, I'll be talking about all sorts of health tips, tricks and recipes in my series of Whole30 Wednesdays - inspiration to get you through the Whole30 challenge or to incorporate some healthy habits into your days.

This week is all about: Coconut oil
Trekking the Whole30 trail has made me more aware of the things I'd once thought of as (ehhm) all-talk-no-action-health-foods. I'm eating my big, fat words! I've realised there are some brilliant health food additions that DO make a difference (inside and out) coconut oil. Whole30 is the perfect opportunity to get this versatile ingredient into (or onto) you. Here's why.
Controls weight
Eases digestion
Supports immunity
Boost metabolism
Stops sugar cravings because a good fat like coconut oil is more satiating than carbs
A nourishing skin moisturiser by replenishing skin with natural oils
Deep conditioning treatment for your hair
Reduces toxic build up in your skin if you drink it - add to tea or coffee or drink coconut water.
Helps with cholesterol

Whole30 Week 1 tip: KEEP AT IT!
Push through and get yourself to 7 days. It's smooth(er) sailing from then on. Here are my previous reviews. The first week is the killer but it's worth it! Hand on heart, this is the best lifestyle change I've made - why I keep sticking by it!


What is Whole30? Just think no carbs, processed food, alcohol, dairy, grains, legumes, sugar.


The way you feel in week 1 depends on your eating habits before you kick off the 30 days - you can feel a whole lotta good or a handful of crappy. Thankfully I didn't overdo the "one last final binge (never a good idea) of sugar, carbs and dairy so I'm feeling pretty bright and chirpy today. No headaches and no moodiness related to sugar bans.


Have you tried incorporating coconut oil into your days or cooking? If you have some recipe ideas I'd love to hear them.  

Have a bright and healthy Wednesday! Maria x


  1. Nice blog! Would you like follow each other?

  2. Good on you for keeping this up Maria xx

    1. ah thanks Thelma :) It's day 4 now and this is when I start to generally feel the effects. All is good - feeling better as the hours go by :)

  3. I have used coconut oil for over a year as a moisturiser, hair conditioner and mixed with bicarbonate of soda for deodorant ... I wouldn't be without it now ... Bee xx

    1. I've read about using coconut oil this way but i was skeptical! How do you do this?? I'm curious to give it a shot. Love that it's all natural.

  4. Good luck with the Whole30 challenge...again! I'm not doing the challenge, but I've been trying to drink several cups of water everyday!
    Sincerely, Sara

  5. I've never used coconut oil in my cooking before and I feel like I'm missing out big time!

  6. I so admire you for sticking with the Whole 30 time and time again, Maria - I think I eat more healthfully than I think I do, but there's no way I could manage without legumes OR sugar. I guess it doesn't help that I'm vegetarian, though! Either way, I love all things coconut... I don't use a lot of coconut oil as its hard to come by in France but the things you can do with coconut milk are pretty endless. My current favourite is quinoa stir-fried with coconut milk instead of oil and topped with veggies. And pineapple, because I'm a bit odd ;)

  7. Great post!♥
    Maybe we can follow to each other?
    Let me know.

  8. an oil that stops sugar cravings? ....count me in! best of lucks with your 30 day strategy lades. you're most inspiring to me because i haven't had the resolve to take something like this on before. note to self: put coconut oil on the grocery list asap! thanks Maria. xo ♥

  9. It really is great, my hubby uses it as well ... warm a little in your hands and apply to freshly washed skin as a moisturiser ... I use a little on my face as well but very sparingly ... try it and see if your skin likes it ... for hair I rub it into mid lengths and ends, leave overnight and shampoo out in the morning ... it leaves hair really soft and glossy and for deodorant, warm a little in your hands, sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda on top, rub palms together to mix and apply to underarms ... it works great ... hope this helps, let me know how you get on ... Bee xx


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