Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rays of loveshine

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Sometimes you get those moments where your no-time-for-anything complaints get a kick in the guts with a sweet ol' reality check of "things are great, you fool. Shut it!" Although I do make a point of smiling about all my so-blessed-to-have-thems (daily), I do admit to getting caught up and missing the point; the point being, I should be aching from ear-to-ears every minute of every day. My most recent days have played host to just enough light bulb moments to knock some smiling-sense back into me. Want to know why?

1. A few moments filled me with arms-up-in-the-air-style thanks for the indescribably, brilliantly, glowing rays of sunshine (aka people) I have wrapped snugly in my life. Really. One of those moments was an unplanned phone link-up with a beautiful friend. A few minutes were layered with the simplest laughs and brief catch ups on happenings - we live in different states.

2. Adelaide, known as this little "sleepy town" is shaking that tired, old name off its back. Finally. The young folk of town are setting up shop, determined to beat that crappiness to a pulp. And they're doing a pretty fine job. Minestra was my gold nugget find over the weekend - I spent the good part of daylight hours sipping and munching time away with my girlfriend. A touch Melbourne-inspired and a pinch of Sydney's style, these guys have filled the old corner store with charm, good coffee and organically home-grown produce...only!

3. A "turning point" handed me even rosier coloured specks to peep through. Last Sunday sunset, the boy and I got together and seated ourselves to yet another impressive Adelaide find - restaurant The Pot, just off the city's main bustle. That's not the only good thing. Aside from devouring the hands-down best food served to us in a long time, our dinner date for two went through a 'turning point.' You get those moments in every relationship. Things grow, sometimes they fall. Whatever they do, they do it with reason and purpose. Our thing (a 15 year old story), just got sweeter and I'm a giddy girl all over again.

4. Gotta love where you're at and that's what I'm living. Genuine passions my bones ache for are in my days - every second of them; beautiful winter sun makes me smile ridiculously; playing with colours and formatted font...and calling it my day job; surrounding myself with my wonderful friends and family that have proven their genuine selves by being there, always, through thick or thin - honest, loyal, brilliant people; good food, good health, piano tunes and ballet shoes - all the right ingredients. It feels good to rattle off your made-me-smile list once in a while. Try it.


  1. sounds like everything fell into place. catch ups, coffee shops, work life. it's all good. the new coffee/food place looks like my kind of place.

  2. Thank you Maria for leaving such a kind comment on my blog! Your blog looks lovely. I'll gladly follow you from Helsinki, Finland!

    E from Helsinki

  3. Beautifully written post Maria - all your 'made me smiles' made me smile too xo

  4. Love all of your positive declarations! I should be aching from ear to ear, too. It is hard to focus on all the pretty things sometimes, though.

    Amanda Rose


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