Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday's Finds

 Roses make all sorts of bullsh*t better, don't you think? Take these few cheeky links as my little offering of blooms for your Friday-slump-hours (aka bullsh*t). Enjoy!

Excuse the ugly links...there was some strange thing happening when I'd link them in a pretty way...
1. A new website snoop! The Minimalist (
2.Glamping - go from girl scout camps to glamorous thanks to this shop (
3. A really good pinterest board . Of ballet dancers.'s my pinterest board (sneaky).  (

Have a great weekend everyone. Thanks for the blog love this week (muchos thanks!)
See you after 2 days of fun stuff; by fun I mean the usual training, a little painting and of some wonderful catch ups with my sunshine-like ladies.
What are you up to?
Maria x


  1. Roses DO make all the bullshit better. Love that photo.

    I nominated your wonderful little blog for the Liebster award, too.

    Amanda Rose

  2. Oh dear god, how is she doing that?

    I want to go glamping.


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