Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reach for the stars


I think I've found a happy medium: to bring leather lovers and nature huggers to a united circle of hand-holds and peace chants. Since 2006, Clare Vivier has produced the goods that marry French glamour with LA cool. The best news is that Vivier's design is as good as her social conscience, focusing without compromise on ethical manufacturing processes. Even better news is word of the collaboration between Vivier and Wren. This pairing gives a nod to timelessness with a beautifully soft, buttery leather exterior, lined with a bold aesthetic kick of Wren's celestial print. Available to us in Green or Cognac leather for $350. Need some more creative kicks and the rest of this write up to pass by the last few work hours? Swing by here.


  1. Great blog and inspiring post, my dear! It would be great, if we follow each other:

  2. great design but it cost a bit to much in my opinion..


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