Friday, April 27, 2012

Bring on the glittery goods

It's Friday and this blog has seen it's 50th follower jump on board for all the fun. I'll admit I haven't been the most serious and proactive of bloggers since starting (but always had the right intentions to be). Recently,  though, seems some kind of blog-bug bit me. It's sent me giddy in picking up my pace and getting caught up in all the fun of meeting a whole new bunch of wonderfully inspiring blogging ladies and taking part in a few contributions here and there. Great thing (for me) is there's plenty more of the good stuff to come. Must also send out a little note of thanks to my modestly numbered little gang of followers. Thanks to all those who stop by to take a sec and read about my random finds and rambles. Here's to that and these next few links to get us skating to the weekend a tad quicker.

1. Talking all things Celebration, now is the perfect time to introduce you to a great find Meimei paperie. This US based company uses their stationary and paper good powers to take a wedding or celebration to another level with some more-ish design. No, it's not edible but might as well be!

2. I have a growing wish-list of prints from the artists at Society6 and now they've got me again with their art for the wee ones. These are the cutest of prints and something that the bambino bearers can be proud to hang too!

3. My weekend will be all about some me-time and painting my way through a few hours inspired by the  freedom of colour use from street artist Nuria Mora.

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