Monday, February 27, 2012

What a gem

'to hold' ring via
Not one to usually sway the diamond way, this is one rock I would gladly sport. The beautifully crafted 'To Hold' ring is part of Melbourne jewellery designer Katherine Bowman's works. Embracing the organic and influenced by nature and the history of art, Katherine's hand carved details and carefully worked metals instill each piece with a unique sophistication. Take a snoop through her designs via e.g.etal's collections or here.

Another Katherine Bowman design via
 E.g.etal, set in Melbourne's Flinders Lane, houses a passionate commitment to representing and supporting the Australian contemporary jewellery design movement - now representing over 50 Aussie and New Zealand jewellery artists and designers. Even better news is they have an online store!


  1. Thanks for your comment too - and yoga advice! Have been trying to manage a little bit of exercise the last couple of weeks and have found it does wonders (who knew?) and yoga is on the agenda (everyone says such great things about it). Good luck with this new chapter in your life.. will stay tuned!

  2. I love the second ring. beautiful!!


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