Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ramblings on a love affair

iphone snap at the Wall, Carlisle St
Yesterday marked my second-last day in this town I've labeled 'home' for the past 2 years. With this bitter sweet, reflective mood I've paced myself to, I made sure a little pamper time was slotted in amongst my to-do's of packing a suitcase or two and killing the stench of male-removalist-sweat in my apartment. On a note of "all about me's" here goes a self-indulged post dedicated to a self-indugent day...

Early this A.M. I took a step back in time to where I worked my retail-assistant-superpowers down Carlisle st. Seated at my favourite little joint Monk (you might remember the write up), Melbourne's grungie, non-try-hardie charm saw me hold back a few sobs as I bid it adieu. Sipping time away with latte in hand, I sat there soaking every last bit of this vegan joint's good-ness. Without sounding like I'm crying my bratty, spoilt tears away, I will miss Melbourne's cultured mob like you wouldn't believe.

This is verging terribly on falling into a pit of diary note sob stories and for that I apologise...but there's more.

To balance things out, come late PM, I dutifully shifted my rear to a perfectly woven cane seat in Armadale's toff-nosed, rustically polished, homewear-come-baby-store lined cafe strip.

iphone love
Rouge, this charming, very French and very chic space seated yours truly amongst its shabby chic, linen donned mums chatting time away. Take a seat here and you'll see it's not easy to resist its old-time splendour - sweet treats in perfectly 'scattered' order and all! For a second there, it even snapped me out of my woes (just) and let me indulge in a little Gallic fantasty, dreaming myself to Boulevard St Germain.  Still, I can't quite shake the unpretentious grunge appeal 'round St Kilda way...

...hopscotch. These kids know how to party.
iphone snaps
You've figured revisiting old favourites took priority for the day? So, when sun began to set, there was nothing more fitting than stepping into Greville Street's Ladro for pizza nosh, vino and one more game of hopscotch (see above) to mark the Hurrah of a day devoted Deep breath. You're done. If you're still reading, thank you.


  1. I go for grunge most days! Look forward to your next adventures....

  2. Beautiful reflective post! I love those things, and sharing every bit of somewhere you call home that I've never been too :)
    Next chapter.. can't wait!

    Angie x


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