Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Art" Clokey

Gumby and gang invade google! It's been a while (20ish years?) since I'd wait to see little Gumby and his friends for my kiddie-arvo-tv-time. Stumbling across Google's latest search engine art boosted my hump day into kid like giddiness once more. Having touched millions worldwide, Google's Doodle for Art Clokey honours this stop motion pioneer, Mr. Arthur "Art" Clokey, just perfectly.

“The Google Doodle is the perfect tribute to my fathers work,” says Joe Clokey, Art Clokey’s son and creator of Gumby’s new website. “Art’s life and film career were ahead of their time. My dad would have been thrilled to be connected with Google in this way.”

{Art Clokey, October 12, 1921- January 8, 2010}

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  1. I used to watch Gumby as a kid. I feel like it's a very underrated children's shows.


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