Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Poetic Licence

Anyone else inspired by the eclectic mix of interior styles, periods and colours influencing today's design world? A nosey through belle magazine introduced me to this lavishly designed apartment and the two design masters responsible for such beauty - Michael Coorengel & Jean-Pierre Calvagrac. These self labeled "architectural poets" believe in the story to be told by a room, the furniture, colours and textiles - each room in the apartment is decorated with individual colour and furniture themes, contrast, shades and a mix of antique, modern and 50's vintage. At first, their magnificent design can seem extravagant, loud and cluttered. After considering Michael and Jean-Pierre's opinion on their ability to 'play' with mathematical balances to create a less showy, classical interior you can then begin to appreciate the softness, class and elegance of it all. [More]

Michael and Jean-Pierre's apartment on Paris' Rue de l'Echiquier makes it a tad easier to visualise my tiny studio's grand dreams...

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  1. I could never design a room like this and pull it off! that is talent.


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