Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ankle flasher

via Happysocks.com
Socks play an incredibly important role in a man’s life  Oscar Wilde

Whilst lunching with a friend one recent afternoon my eyes took a little wander around this eatery in Melbourne's Greville St. when BAM, these eyes stuck like glue to this swanky lookin' lad leaning over iPad, stained espresso cup and scribbled notepad. It wasn't his purple checked shirt rolled at the wrist displaying a heavy-weight labeled timepiece that got my attention. Nor was it his black rimmed, tortoise-inner specs framing him with that bold sophistication. Surrounded by a sea of grey socked business men, it was his bright purple clad ankles that got me!

How foolish I was to be judging a lad by his shoe all this time! I realise, now, it's the sock that counts - If it ain't bright, it just ain't right! I am now SOLD on the new essential wardrobe extra. It's interesting how the addition/omission of a detailed item can change your look entirely...Thanks to Happy Socks, we can all look as snazzed as that lad.


  1. ok, seeing this is interesting because there were some bright sock colors at fashion days zurich...i was all 'this will never catch on' but now i'm not so sure?

  2. hello. thanks for the sweetest comment! Following you too!

    Aileen Kim of The House of Isla


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