Sunday, August 29, 2010

oui oui

Fire place lit, French red in hand, topped with French speaking waiters just able to pronounce their menu suggestions... Chez Olivier set our winter chills aside for a good few hours while we sat in it's cosy, rustic surrounds. We resisted the 'stuffing' urge of this delicious nosh and elegantly ate our way through an almost-too-rich 3 course french delight. Here's what we (mum and i) savoured:
Entree. seafood bisque with a deliciously fresh muscle, scallop and prawn (yes, only one of each).
Main. crispy (to perfection) skin salmon with vegetable ragu.
Dessert. Fluffy white meringue floating on hazelnut 'sauce' (containing my sugar jar's entire contents and then some).
Wine. rose for mum, full bodied French red cab sav for me. Don't remember the name unfortunately, but if you haven't done so, drink some French red.
Must book to seat your tush and Must remember to let them choose the wine for you. x

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