Sunday, August 1, 2010

cup of gold

Market lane is so far one of my best coffee experiences since arriving in Melbourne land. In fact, I choose boiled water with leaves in it if I must visit any other joint claiming pro-coffee making. 

Apparently these guys see themselves as a little obsessed...but who's complaining? They source, roast and lovingly brew specially selected beans from around this world from some of the best coffee growers out there.  All coffee is roasted to order, giving us lot nothing but the best.

I thought, as a Melbourne newbie, the right thing to do was to pay them a visit and see just what they're raving on about. I wasn't disappointed. My paper cup passed through about 3 or 4 sets of hands from the grind, the coffee pour, the milk guy and there was something in between that i missed as I was fixed on the focused practice of the milk guy. There "he" was proudly pouring organic, perfectly frothed raw milk (i.e. straight-ish from the source) into my little paper cup-of-gold, as Moroccans pour their mint tea from metres above a glass. Nice. The result? Delicious coffee. What's in it for you? They deliver the good stuff to your door. Yup. Pretty nice guys.

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