Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Walk yourself happy

I know it looks like I'm obsessed with foot-shots, but it's not the case! This morning, with coffee in hand, I did a classic double-taker and backed myself up to snap this road-side stamp. Seems I've been missing a sneaky health initiative marking the streets around my neck of the woods.
"walk yourself happy, just 30 min a day, be active"
Don't know about you, but I found it hard to walk away from that happy-stamp and not feel guilty about plonking my rear on the couch after a day's work!


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  2. So inspirational! I love this!

    XO Jill


  3. That's so inspirational - as Jill has written. pralinkablogs.blogspot.com

  4. Oh I love this. And love walking. Although this long drawn out summer is making the longer walks disappear until the cooler weather arrives again.


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