Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I missed Valentines!

Not kidding. The boy and I got to the end of V-day and realised...we missed the whole thing! We laughed. Not the V-day-celebrating-type, we exchanged a giggled v-day wish for the heck of it and gave thanks to each other, more importantly, for a shatter-proof, any-day-celebrated love! Mushy, I know.

On a side note...I've been busy. Occasionally I'm busy in the caught-up-on-pinterest kinda way. This time, it was a legitimate I'm-flying-through-all-kinds-of-stuff-kinda-busy.  Before I ramble on, this quote got to the point I'm getting to a lot quicker...

Sometimes those things you wouldn't dream of, couldn't want and never ask for come your way...in bucket loads. Seems when we're living for simplicity life has a way of shaking and waking us up to the biggest slap of reality checks! Ramble cut short, I've just leaped from the most unexpected string of less-than-positives to the brightest and most beautiful things I would ask a falling star for; genuine, long-lasting, test-trampling, ground-shaking love. No, really! I don't just mean my boy and I.

I've been perched up in the beauty that followed what one day's excuse for love (sorry Valentines lovers) could ever bring. I've opened my eyes (wider) to the handful of people in my world who'll stand beside me for me, through the darkest and brightest, who'll dance in my happiness (and I in theirs) and light my life by being their genuine selves. What more could you ask for?


  1. Love that quote!

    And happy (belated) Valentine's day xo

  2. i love these words, i'm so glad you are happy!


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