Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Things I Love by Megan Morton

I'll admit my attention span leaves a lot to be desired, which does me no real favours when I'm staring down a challenge of finishing a novel. Great news on the book-finishing-front, for me and anyone else who's eyes dart off to any sort of visually delicious thing, is the gem I've stumbled across in Australian publishing land. Sydney stylist Megan Morton's book Things I Love is all about the spirit of aesthetic enquiry, pulling together a messy mish mash of reference material, house (interior) pervs, creative ideas and all sorts of useful info to build an eclectic encyclopedic tome. Megan set out to create an interior book unlike any other - with her tips and stylist tricks, she's delivered us this gorgeous read with that infectious energy of hers, minus the snooty design nonsense. I'd say she's bang on her game plan.

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Things I Love isn't designed to be read cover to cover, either. Hurrah! Retailing at $49.00, published by Lantern / Penguin, the book will be available from all good bookshops Australia-wide from this Thursday. Or you can buy online like me, here.

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  1. this book is now going on me "dear santa" list! Thanks for sharing a good recommendation. Happy Halloween! xo


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