Monday, January 23, 2012

Hip hip hurrah!

via - check it out. this delish little cupcake recipe awaits!
Happy Birthday and wonderful-day-wishes to my beautiful MUM. Without her inspiration, support, influence, care, shoulder to lean on, friendship, guidance, famous cheesecake, quirky sense of humour, and love of less than subtly coloured pants, my life wouldn't have anything close to the sparkle it holds today. We each claim the right to label our mums with "the best mum in the world" tag, and rightly so. Loving, supportive and always there to brighten up our days. So, on that note, chin chin to the "best mum in the world" and her sparklin'-bright year ahead. x

Happy Birthday Mum!!!


  1. Awww that's so nice, Mum's are the best!
    That cupcake looks amazing xo

  2. I think the same as Porcelain complexion, mum's are the best =)

  3. that's a cute picture! say happy birthday to her :)

  4. Maria, that is such a lovely tribute to your sweet Mum!!! very darling photo of you two - she's obviously been a huge part of your life and aren't we blessed to have those kinds of parents to guide us and support us through it all. unconditional love, nothing can compare, it's the safest space of all! cheers to your grand Mum and many more wonderful moments shared together. xo ♥


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