Friday, January 27, 2012

Chanel/Resort 2012

In Lagerfeld's (wise?) words on his Resort 2012 collection for Chanel, "...One has to dress to match the yachts. It cannot be sloppy. But I didn't want to do anything retro. People have never had as much money here as they do at the moment, and this is about how to spend your money but spend it in style." And so, this exquisite collection results; of mimosa-yellow, purple tweed, handsomely suited lads and vivid prints reminiscent of the early blooms spreading through the South of France. Lagerfeld's play on contrasting textures, classics, whimsical gowns, liberally pinned details and a black sheer, enchanting piece to close his parade sets the bar beyond any ready-to-wear I have laid eyes upon. 


  1. I love Lagerfeld, but did he really say this: - people have never had as much money here as they do at the moment? I know top end luxury brands are recession resilient, but I thought they at least don't brag about it...

    well, great fashion, no matter the attitude... :)

    happy friday

  2. Ha! I can't believe Karl Lagaerfield said that. Have they no sensitivity? But yes, if i have to see the jet set spending their obscene wealth (ok, yeah, I'm jealous) best they do it in ways that don't hurt my eyes!!!


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