Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's back to work we go...

Somewhere amongst hours of relaxation, Easter celebrations (sadly, away from my family this year) and motivation towards a health kick (take 2) post Easter choc consumption (excessive!) 5 days have come and gone a tad too soon. It's back to work for us all...for me, this means a brand spankin' new assignment filling the next 8 weeks of my plan of attack on landing 'that' job. Here's to a 3-day-work-week...and a step closer to 'that' job of mine!


  1. Good luck with the health kick- I've been on one for most of my life (although that definitely doesn't mean I don't eat chocolate) and I find that and are both great resources for recipes :) And good luck with the job, too. It sounds like you have lots of exciting changes coming up!

  2. ohhhh, i'm thinking things are happening for you since there's been some time away. sure hope all's well lovely and things are a poppin' on "that" job front. happy weekend. xo ♥


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