Monday, April 18, 2011



Want happy friends this Easter? Chocogram provides us with this delicious gift idea of custom printed milk and white chocolate squares of sweet, good stuff. The best bit is Chocogram does next day delivery. Perfect! Wishing everyone a great lead up to a happy Easter!


  1. Maria,

    i had to come right over b/c the comment you left for me lent itself to a kinda swept away feeling of love. i don't know how to describe what i felt reading your "all heart" words but it sure did make my morning brighter! thank you!!! my view is, why visit a blogger friend and skim through the goodness, i always like to carve out time to read and absorb. there is SO much out there which makes it feel totally overwhelming sometimes but i adore the way you write and that post about your family and home was especially touching to me. AND the pics were amazing too!!

    thanks too for the wishes about upcoming tea date & Glenn. talk about making someones day, you sure did make mine. no need for the extra sugar in my coffee, i got all the sweetness i needed already : )

    what a perfect post to say that in hey?! chocogram doesn't compare to you my darling but it does look mighty tasty...i agree. happy week wishes. ♥

  2. Oh, how I would love to find a chocogram waiting for me in my mailbox! Of course we can all buy chocolate ourselves if we want it, but somehow it all tastes that much sweeter when its from someone else :) Happy (belated) Easter!


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