Monday, March 14, 2011

A salad a day


When the need to shed a couple of kg's off my rear is on the agenda it's the raw goodness of fruit and veg that's called on to lend a helping hand. Whilst I'm off to a good start I can't help but reconsider 'tomorrow as a fresh start' as I'm sipping away at my tea and staring down scrambled, fried, and poached eggs topping freshly toasted sourdough chunks served up to the long-weekenders at my local cafe (it's a long weekend in my neck of the woods). My inner taskmaster is quick to snap me out of the thought of bailing on this health kick, thank goodness. Angela Hardison tells me it's not going to be so  bad either. As I read through her posts she explains that it's all about making sure what you eat consists of 50% or more of raw food. Pretty simple really.

So, as the diet goes raw over the next few weeks I will be gaping stupidly over this site as I allow my eyes to feast on a collection of the yummiest food photography I've come across. Actually, It's proving to be a great source of salad inspiration (see above) and I even found a raw dessert - Baklava completely grain/dairy/gluten/processed sugar free!


  1. I need to join you with eating more salads!! Its definitely almost summer!

  2. Oh yum- these look so good- I just shredded ten carrots to use for salads over the next few days- I love it with some shelled edamame and some rice vinegar- and any fresh herbs I have on hand-

    Lovely to find your blog- so nice to meet you- Ren

  3. yummo! i adore a good, crunchy salad for sure. these photos are excellent insp to get right into the kitchen and start chopping. good lucks on the raw quest, i'm sure you'll come out of it feeling tons better and all around splendid. ♥

  4. Good luck with this challenge... I can't imagine eating 50% raw food, other than a few pieces of fruit every day I coook almost everything. It's very cold where I grew up so I've always preferred hot food (even though I love in a much milder climate now.) Of course, these photos do make raw food look very tempting. Be sure to let us all know how this goes!


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