Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday's Frock

via the sartorialist
Reflecting my love affair with scarves and my 'grab this, that and that' approach to dressing myself lately is the chic Hermosa Madrilena. Bangs of perfection, thrown on blazer, pink peek-a-boo on top of those boyfriend shorts, a couple of lace ups and a great timepiece... the only thing wrong is the no-no (in my books) sitting in her right hand.  Aside from that, this is the only picture I've come across in a while combining that "f off" attitude with some seriously effortless elegance. 10/10?


  1. she does look so well put together and awesome. love it.

  2. I always love your Friday's Frock posts, and this one is no exception... And I can't help but wonder if (although obviously there are huge health hazards involved) she would look quite as effortlessly cool without that cigarette dangling between her fingers? As bad as smoking is for your skin, hair and general health, it does look chic on film :P

  3. thanks for your input on the balance post :) don't worry about catching up too much -i just start wherever blog world is, haha :) breaks are so good though...


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