Saturday, September 25, 2010

3 times cleaner

image from powersellerunion

Why the image of Jeremy Scotts fringed extras for Adidas? I was trying to find an image to link in with my 'clean and lean diet' theme and figured this is as close as I get to a human cleaning brush. Spotted these threads hanging around in Chapel Street's Adidas window this morning. Can't say I'm patting Mr. Scott on the back for this one.

To the point, this is day 3* of the clean and lean diet. I will not continue my riveting daily account, and do apologise for putting you through this, but I'm embracing the motivation while it lasts. I started the day with E-N-E-Rgy. Pounded my way through some serious stair runs. Skin looking good. Stomach flat(ish). Feeling good(ish). I'm in finger crossed hope that this good thing lasts.

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