Friday, July 30, 2010

Roses are red, violets are...

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I've done a decent amount of thinking lately - why is it that this only happens with a bright phone screen screaming a flashing 2:56am on a weekday? Probably proving I'm not 'doing' enough at the moment? A week home after wisdom teeth coming out does that to you.

I'd like to begin this post with Thanks going to those highlighting my single status of late. You know, all the bambino-poppers, engagement planners and wedding-invite-senders. Thanks for spinning my thoughts  'round all things relationships. It's made me realise that aside from all those great life 'experiences,' my life in the love lane has been nothing short of "bold and the beautiful" worthiness (a giant sh*t show). My current thought process goes something like this...

Knowing full well that life is no romantic comedy, I'm sure we've all fallen (I have) into the trap of thinking some things are just meant to be. I hear you sighing. So, we stick it through. Failure to play out the most common of common sense, we find it tragically difficult to take a leaf out of our own relationship guide we (by we I really mean I) freely dish out to anyone willing to listen and put it to practise for ourselves. Stepping out of familiarity and changing one's status to a big, fat, SINGLE is a toughie. It's just you and... well, you together with your bundle smacking the floor until you reach out and grab it by the ehhhm. Only then, once you've (speaking from experience) claimed your single's-pride and picked up your woes, can the days get a touch brighter.

Long story short, as delighted as I am for all the love-struckers and baby-poppers out there, I'm taking a moment to announce that until I can safely hand over key and note reading "don't f*ck this/me up," I'm carrying on quite content (sometimes...occasionally needing a helpful reminder of just how content) in going solo. Even if it means watching the lovers sway their way to Michael Buble's wedding waltz whilst I guard the abandoned table and eat my dessert (and the ice cream off the unattended plate next to me)...solo!

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