Monday, July 19, 2010

To market to market

It's time for a blog. Since 'moving in' to Melbourne, I've  had plenty of time to myself to think, rethink and venture out and stumble across so many lovely treats, treasures and foodie finds. This city really does spoil you - it's the side you rarely see as a 'visitor'. Last weekend's meeting with a friend of friend showed me exactly what this place has to offer and satisfied my latest craving of organic produce was a perfect example and reason for why I need to start keeping a record of these wonderful things; destination, Prahran markets (I know all Melbournians would be eye-rolling in a 'been there done that' fashion but this is a fine treat for a newbie). Mr John Cester and his poultry and game stall offered what has become my instant favourite - Fresh Duck Stock (made on the premises). Gawking at the goods, I was standing around surrounded by bakeries, cafes, and fresh cut booms, every second person passing with a pooch by their side. Locals had a good ol' chat with their grocer of choice, everyone nibbled away at great food and deli get the picture-perfect-ness of it all.

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