Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What I've been up to

via my instagram
With time having snatched me off my backside and challenging my energy supplies, this poor little blog has suffered a lack of love.  Here's a little of what I've been up to (ok, I'm justifying my absence...)

via my instagram @ mariaeleni_

1.  Final ballet rehearsals and presentations have not only ripped my feet to pieces, they've had me battling every urge to sleep through any available morning hour. Thank goodness a no-pain-no-gain attitude (towards ballet) makes me happier than a kid with cake!

2.  I have been head-down-bum-up focusing on my latest work assignment...until I started questioning everything when I came across the book How to Find Fulfilling Work via this blog.

3.  Whistling Christmas carols.

4.  Not the sort who enjoys dodging Christmas shopping crowds, I decided to be organised and get the pressies sorted damn quick. If I had London's top 10 shops at my doorstep, I imagine I'd be a touch more inclined to drag the process out.

5.  Time with my boy has been low on availability so when we've snatched a minute from our schedules, we've ditched the predictable and taken to lying side-by-side under the Jacarandas of the North Adelaide parklands, chatting the minutes away watching the evening light fade. Bliss.

Hope you're spending your time doing most, if not all, things you love!


  1. I think your blog break is well justified ... you have been very busy ... and those blooms are amazing ... thanks for your lovely words at mine earlier ... Bee xx

  2. very lovely pictures here darling!


  3. I've definitely been whistling many Christmas tunes as of late. And your post is making me miss ballet!!
    xo TJ


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